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  • Rejected at you’re the target school of our choice and cannot fathom why?

  • Do you want to know what are the most important aspects you can improve before you reapply? 


Our Rejection and Rebound plan will help you uncover the likely reasons for the rejection, help you identify key improvements and allow you to reapply with confidence. All feedback in this services is backed by our half-experience of coaching 200+ students and expansive MBA admissions consulting expertise. Many aspirants were able to find the missing links in their stories and re-orient their narratives to be accepted to their top choice and dream programs in a second go.

In a 60-minute conversation we will

The conversation will help you with

  • Actionable changes to make to aspects of the application including goals, narrative

  • Reapplication roadmap including a list of schools to apply and re-apply to

  • Definitive next steps to improve your chances​

  • Review  each part of your application, including your essays and your interview experience

  • Isolate parts of the  application, including specific arguments and presentations used in essays, goal selection, etc that did not work and suggest corrective action



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