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  • Do you lack extracurricular activities or have too many career transitions that do not tie well ?

  • Do you need advice on potential career moves ?

  • Wondering how you can step up at work and outside ?

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Our one-time 45- minute planning service offers the chance to evaluate your candidacy and identify the right next steps. It reflects our half-decade experience of coaching 200+ students and expansive MBA admissions consulting expertise. Clients who made decisions with us have been able to clarify their next step, have enjoyed stellar success and have been accepted to their dream programs.

In a 45-minute conversation we will

After conversation, you will  

  • Know pitfalls to avoid and how to develop a compelling career and personal narrative.

  • Short list programs that might fit your current profile and/or future aspirations 

  • Have a definitive direction on career and co-curricular initiatives to take up.   ​

  • Understand your personal background, professional experience and aspiration. 

  • Benchmark your candidacy against the applicant pool.

  • Help you identify steps you can take to strengthen your candidacy.





Changing Sectors

...had a thorough understanding of my background, skillset and career aspirations, based on which she made recommendations of sectors and firms. The nearly abrupt pivot from manufacturing to public health has paid off for me

Switching Firms 

The conversation helped me, narrow down my focus areas, made me identify potential areas of improvement and encouraged me to think deeply about my central story.

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If you are interested in beginning the application process right away, take a look at our all-inclusive packages and hourly services to learn more.

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