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GMAT / GRE: How are they different

The GRE has become a norm at top MBA programs instead of being an aberration. If you are one of the many aspirants mulling over which one is better or easier to ace, here are some differences between the tests that might make your decision easier. For many who consider switching from one test to another for whatever reason, the differences would be equally helpful.

The main difference between the tests is the scoring methods and structure. Here we highlight the 3 most important differences that would matter to an international applicant-

Number of sections

The GMAT has 4 sections - A verbal section, a quantitative section, an integrated reason section and an analytical writing section. The GRE only has six sections: 2 verbal sections, 2 quantitative sections and an Analytical Writing section that has 2 parts.


GMAT is question adaptive, but the GRE is section adaptive

What does this mean? It means that on the GMAT, if you answer a question correctly, the next one is more challenging, and you score more if you answer that one well. On the other hand, the GRE is section-adaptive. It means that, depending on how you perform in one section, the next whole section might be more difficult or easier. Now, that might be a boon or a bane depending on how you see it. GRE prevents pre question anxiety or fatigue, some test-takers experience in GMAT. But on the flip side, you get little sense of how you are doing. That said, it is tough to tell how you are doing and whether the question or section you are answering is easier or harder than the one you have responded to already.

The verbal section

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In sum, the two standardized tests are similar yet subtly different. In our follow on post, we will analyze how you can choose among them if you are deciding or, better still, help you evaluate whether the switch to another test format is worth it. Stay tuned!

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